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Sword (tachi)

Sword (tachi)



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Presented 10 July 2002. Formerly part of the collection of Deryk Ingham. From the A Z Freeman collection, offered for sale Sotheby's 10 April 1997.


Dimensions: Overall length 875 mm; nagasa 695 mm, sori 17mm, tang 175 mm, width at the machi 30 mm, width at the yokote 28 mm, length of the kissaki 27 mm. Length of hilt is 214 mm, length of saya 746 mm, overall length of shirasaya 960 mm Weight: blade 635 g, shirasaya 306 g

Bibliographic References

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Kaneuji was one of a group of smiths working in Yamato during the early 14th century (he was supposed to have been born in 1284). He then moved to Sagami where he is supposed to have become one of Masamune's pupils. He then moved to Shizu in Mino province, in 1319, where his work brought together the best of the yamato and soshu traditions. His death was either in 1344 or 1356.

This sword was formerly in the A.Z. Freeman collection. There is a sayagaki dated 'showa 62 year' (1987) made out to A.Z. Freeman and a Juyo certificate. There are also copies of the pages from the NBTHK magazines recording the awarding of a juyo certificate.