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Sword (wakizashi)

Sword (wakizashi)



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Presented by a private donor, 10 July 2002. Formerly part of the collection of her husband.

Physical Description

The blade is shinogi zukuri with only a slight torii zori, iori mune and only slight fumbari. The hada is itame. The hamon is nioi deki based on gonome in groups superimposed on a gentle notare with some ashi and yo. There is yakidashi. The boshi is chu maru. Well shaped tang with irayamagata tip and kessho yasuri mei leading to suji kai.

the mounts consist of a black lacquered saya, the upper part ribbed, and fitted with a kodzuka. The kodzuka is of shakudo depicting a man harrowing or ploughing in a rice paddy, the gound with nanako and the detaails picked out in gold. The back is covered in scratches and is gilded. The blade is signed. The hilt is of wood covered with same and wrapped with dark green thread in an elaborate style. The fuchi / kashira are of polished shakudo inlaid with gold and shibuichi showing herons in water amongst reeds. The menuki take the form of cloud shapes, in shakudo nanako with flowers and flying birds highlighted in gold. The tsuba is a plain round shakudo disc with hitsu ana.


Dimensions: The nagasa is 354 mm, the sori being 9 mm, the length of the tang being 114 mm, the width at the machi being 31 mm, the width at the yokote being 18 mm, the length of the kissaki being 26 mm. The length of the hilt is 135 mm, the length of the scabbard being 444 mm. Weight: The weight of the blade is 0.266 kg, the mounts being 0.384 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

The blade is signed: Sesshu ju Nagatsuna. The fuchi/kashira is signed: Masahiro and kao.


Places Japan

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