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Dagger (tanto)

Dagger (tanto)



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Presented by a private donor, 10 July 2002. Formerly part of the collection of her husband.

Physical Description

The blade is hirazukuri of very shallow curvature with iori mune. The grain is mokume with considerable areas of undulating masame. Hamon is strictly sugu ba of ko nie with areas of hotsure with kinsuji. The boshi is chu manju with almost no kaeri. On the omote is a bonji near the habaki above which are goma bashi, on the ura are goma bashi, the lower continuing and curving towards the mune. There is a gilt ni ju habaki. The tang is suriage with two holes and finished kirriha, with a two character signature.


Dimensions: The length of the blade is 369mm, the length of the tang is 108mm, the width of the blade at the machi being 27mm. The total length of the shirasaya is 565mm, the length of scabbard being 415mm. Weight: The weight of the blade is 0.278 kg, the weight of the shirasaya is 0.202 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

Signed Yasumitsu


Places Japan


In Nihon To Koza, Vol IX Koto Kantei Part 3, translated by Afu Watson, Yasumitsu is said to be one of a group that also included Morimitsu, Iesuke and Tsuneie. They are supposed to have made big hirazukuri wakizashi like this and cut grooves above a bonji, but bo hi rather than goma bashi. In general, the characteristics of this blade is consistant with the work of the group. There exists an origami Hozen ToKen Kanteisho numbered 88095 issued in Showa 60th year 2nd month (1985) to a Mr. Arthur Griffiths stating that this is the genuine work of Yasumitsu. Blade was cleaned and oiled March 2006.