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Sword (katana)

Sword (katana)



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Presented by a private donor, 10 July 2002. Formerly part of the collection of her husband.

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See suffixes.


Places Japan

Bibliographic References

Dorling Kindersley, Weapon. A visual history of arms & armour, Dorling Kindersley Ltd, London, 2006, pp. 122-3 (mount only)


Accompanying this sword is a document by he polisher Kajihara Kotoken dated August 1985 in which he states that he considers the sword to be by a Sadatsugu of the Aoe school and that he considers the date to be Oei period (around the end of the 14th century). The certificate is numbered 85006. Hawley records two Aoe smiths signing as Sadatsugu with these characters, dated respectively 1381 signing Bitchu kuni ju Sadatsugu and 1391 signing Bitchu kuni junin Sadatsugu, Swordsmiths Revised p. 647.