Object Title

Case - Concealed Weapon

Case - Concealed Weapon



Object Number



Purchased from PS5, Nemus House, Stockport, Manchaster; 20th June 2002

Physical Description

A black case containing the following:
1. A CS gas handle by Alarm-a-grip
2. Coin knife ú1
3. Spring knife gun, East Asian, 1980's
4. Clutch pencil fitted with steel spike
5. Pencil spike, steel spike hidden inside the pencil
6. Bic biro knife, blade hidden under the top
7. Push dagger, made from tent peg
8. Phone card knife, blade not attached
9. Rizla packet concealing blade
10. Cigarette lighter knife, Spanish, 2001
11. Lipstick knife, improvised
12. Safety razor spike, improvised
13. Steel spike with split pin
14. Flick comb knife, improvised
15. Craft knife blades in cardboard, improvised
16. Hairbrush shiv, improvised
17. Fork knuckleduster, improvised
18. Ring spike punch
19. Maglight striker
20. Garrote, MOD type
21. Socket wrench gun, improvised
22. Zip gun 8mm
23. Blow pipe, home made
24. Condom catapult
25. Knuckleduster or hand load, improvised
The case also contains the following:
X.1721, X.1722, X.1723, X.1724, X.1730, X.1731, X.1735, X.1736, X.1739
XII.5717, XII.11162, XII.11255, XII.11279
XVIII.646, XVIII.652, XVIII.780


Dimensions: Case: 480 mm x 480 mm x 220 mm Weight: 12.7 Kg, full


Places Britain


used for class of Forensic Science Students, Nott'm Trent University, in Leeds Education Dept. 15 Jan 2008