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Possibly from Edinburgh Castle (loan L12) returned in 1964. Accessioned on loan L200 to the National Army Museum (no. 7009-24-8) January 1993.

Physical Description

The targe is constructed of two layers of (pine?) wood planks pinned together cross-grain by wooden dowels.The front of the targe is covered in thick (cow?) hide which bears tooled panels of 'celtic' interlace, divided geometrically by domed yellow metal (brass) nails, within four concentric bands. The small central boss is of yellow metal (brass) and is decorated with engraved lines that spiral towards the centre. The boss is held in place by a central nail and four other nails around base.The back of the targe is coverd with a thinner layer of hide which bears small traces of hair. Two iron staples, which formed part of the 'enarme', remain as do traces of the grip attachment (two pieces of leather secured by two and three nails respectively). Possible traces of padding to protect forearm appear present between these fittings.


Dimensions: Diameter: 500 mm (19 11/16 in.), Height: 51 mm (2 in.) Weight: 5lb 13oz.(CHECK)


Places Scotland


The targe decoration puts it into CE Whitelaw type A/C (CHECK).Traces of old wood worm visible on back of targe.The traces of black on the surface of the front are very similar to those found on other targes that had been to Edinburgh (Loan L12).