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Percussion double-barrelled shotgun - By H. LePage

Percussion double-barrelled shotgun - By H. LePage



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Purchased 1993 from Andrew Lumley. Formerly Deposit A170/5. 21 May 2002.

Physical Description

Cased. Heavily engraved in the neo gothic style, the sidelocks with scenes from the retrat from Moscow and the battle of the pyramids, the hammers are engraved the same. The small of the gun is carved with the ridges being embellished with steel wire. The left stock is inlaid with an imperial eagle and the right with a large N surmounted by a serpant swallowing its tail.
The triggerguard is engraved with a victory column, Napoleon being crowned and the date of Napoleon's death, 5th May 1921. The trigger bow is engraved with the features of Napoleon with his eyes closed, surmounting the following: 'Les Cendre de Napoleon sont rendues a la France 1840'. Also above the figure: 'France tete armee'. The inside of the trigger bow is engraved with crowns and leaves.
The butt plate is engraved: 'H. LePage fils de J. LePage Arqer. du Ier Consul Arqe. de L'Empereur'.
The buitifully figured damascus barrels are engraved down the rib: 'LePage Arqer. du Roi et des a le prince royal. Toulon, Pyramides, Arcole, Marengo, Ulm, Austerlitz, Eylau, Wagram, Mojaisk, Moscou, Montmirail, Waterloo'.
The mahogany case is lined in red faded velvet, it is fitted with a horn powder flask, a bullet mould, nipple key, capper and hammerhead. The lid is inset with a brass plaque, engraved AC in gothic script.
The bullet mould is of the 'pliers' type with built in pincers at the end for cutting off the sprue. Close examination of the pincer section shows evidence of what appears to be a repair by brazing or silver soldering of one of the limbs of the pincer after having broken off at some stage. The mould overall shows retention of a high percentage of its original colour hardening, especially on the handles. On the inside of one handle is engraved 'XII'.


Dimensions: Overall length: 48.1 in (1223 mm), Barrel length: 31.5 in (800 mm), Weight: 5 Kg.


Serial Number 3948


8 bore


Places France