Object Title

Flintlock 'Jigger' and lock

Flintlock 'Jigger' and lock



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Purchased at Christies, King Street, London; Lot No 112; 18 July 2002

Physical Description

Comprises a thick cast iron/steel block representing the lock recess in the stock alongside the breech of the barrel. It follows the profile of a lock plate and is deeply chamfered on its outer edges. As in the musket stock, the central portion of the jigger is cut away and recessed to receive an assembled lock. As in the stock, the jigger is pierced with two sidenail holes.


Dimensions: Overall length: 226 mm (9 in), width: 63 mm (2.48 in), depth: 27 mm (1.06 in)


Serial Number None visible

Inscriptions and Marks

The barrel portion carries the quartered heart shaped emblem of the East India Company with the letters V E I C in the quarters and above this, the date '1798'. Alongside the emblem and date are the initials ' C [or G] & F J'. On the 'tang' portion is the inscription 'No 15'.


Places Britain

Bibliographic References

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