Object Title

Flintlock pocket pistol

Flintlock pocket pistol



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purchased from Andrew Lumley, 57, Radnor Walk, London SW3 4BJ. 19 February 1993. Formerly Deposit. A168/3.

Physical Description

This small pistol has a turn-off barrel and the lock is fitted with a hidden safety bolt. The lock has spanish style jaws on a swan neck cock. It is decorated with foliage, with one stem ending in a gold flower. The name 'Esquibel' and 'Madrid' are engraved on the lock along with the date '1708' . The steel furniture is also decorated with flower motifs. The stock is of Spanish walnut. The barrel is of a form known as cannon barrel, being round with turns at the muzzle. The breech is inset, in gold, with Esquival's monogram and two gold flowers


BarrelLength126 mm
OverallLength222 mm


Serial Number None visible


48 bore (.495 in)

Inscriptions and Marks

Monogram on the breech



Diego Esquival was manufacturing firearms as early as 1694 and was considered one of the premier gunsmiths in Spain. He died on 26 January 1732. His name and mark were chosen for numerous German forgeries of Spanish barrels.