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Purchased along with two other mandrels (IX.5490 and IX.5491), 25 September 2000; part of a batch of eight mandrels acquired from Mr J. Adams of J. Adams (Cutlers) Ltd; F.E. & J.R. Hopkinson Ltd; (possibly at some previous date) Rhodes Brothers of Sheffield (name stamped on IX.5490 and IX.5491 which both also came from from Hopkinsons).

Physical Description

Straight steel scabbard mandrel of oval section with a flattened backe edge and a rectnagular-sectioned shank which is very slightly flared at its end. Straight bopttom end. Semi-bright finish except for inner and outer faces of shank which are black.
General Condition on acquisition: good with a few marks of use and a few patches of surface oxidation.


Dimensions: Length: 1124 mm (44.25 in) Weight: 2.59 kg (5 lb 12 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

On shank, on inside, stamped: (letters made up of dots) LIFE G (almost certainly for for Life Guards).


Places Britain


From comparison with scabbards in the collection this mandrel might be for the Household Cavalry troopers' sword, pattern 1882 (see B. Robson, 'Swords of the British Army...', revised [2nd] edn, London, 1996, p. 116-20) or for the Household Cavalry officers' pattern 1874 which was the same as the 1st Life Guards pattern 1834 (see Robson 1996: 131-2, 138-9). The blade lengths of these troopers' and officers' patterns differed by only 1/8 in. (Robson 1996: 117, 131). The fact that the mandrel is apparently marked for the Life Guards may indicated that it was made for the 1st Life Guards officers' sword before 1874, after which the same basic pattern of scabbard (with differences to bands and chape) was used by all Household Cavalry officers. On the other hand, the marking may simply have been appled to distinguish the mandrel to be used for a specific order from or for one of the regiments of Life Guards (cf Royal Horse Artilley marking on IX.5490).
(information on the firms of Hopkinson and Rhodes Brothers (name occurring on IX.5190 and IX.5191) to be added when available).