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Knife and scabbard

Knife and scabbard



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Purchased 17 October 1999

Physical Description

Grip consisting of two scales of staghorn secured to the tang by four rivets. The grip is straight-sided, with a gently curved top edge and widening very slightly towards the base. On the inside scale there is a small, undecorated nickel silver(?) plaque. Flat crossguard of nickel silver(?) is boat-shaped with a small rectangular cut-out section in the centre of one side to receive the spring clasp on the scabbard.

Single-edged blade with false edge extending backwards from the point for approximately half its length. Pronounced ricasso of approx. 8mm.

Scabbard of wood covered with black leather. Fittings of white metal [nickel silver?] include a mouthpiece with cusped lower edge and two bands of 3 incised lines running across the front face only. At the back of the mouthpiece a metal clasp passes through a hole in the mouthpiece and is secured to the scabbard by a single rivet; originally designed to engage with the crossguard, but now bent slightly out of shape. Shoe with cusped lower edge and ball (ovoid?) finial at the point. The front face of the shoe is decorated with two bands of 3 incised lines.

Condition on acquisition: generally good although scabbard leather worn in places and mouthpiece loose: care is needed when removing knife as scabbard and mouthpiece do come apart.


Dimensions: Knife: Overall length: 305 mm (12 in), Width across quillons: 63 mm (2 1/2 in.), Length of blade: 188 mm (7 3/8 in), Scabbard: Length: 205 mm (8 1/16 in), Knife in scabbard: Overall length: 325 mm (12 3/4 in.) Weight: Knife: 250 g (9 oz), Scabbard: 50 g (1.8 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

On the inside of the blade, at the shoulder, stamped, is 'S.W. SILVER / & CO / CORNHILL


Places Britain


This object was initially selected for Louisville (with X.1752 as replacement) but was not included in the final selection (PJL, 17/05/04).