Object Title

Dagger - Ballock Dagger

Dagger - Ballock Dagger


Early 15th Century

Object Number



Purchased from D. Oliver, 10 March 2000 (referred to by him as no. 1). From the Thames near Southwark Bridge (find date unknown).

Physical Description

Small, fine quality ballock knife with tang button (which was probably of rosette or flower form, but now too corroded to make out) and eliptical-shaped washer of copper alloy. Flattened bun-shaped pommel made out of one piece with the cylindrical wooden grip. On top of each of the globose quillons is a round washer, decorated with a flower motif; each surrounds a rivet which fixes the grip to the blade. Under the quillons is a copper alloy plate with a bevelled edge; this is of oval shape with a small cut-out section on each side. Triangular section blade with inlaid copper alloy mark (now indecipherable) on one side, approx. 1 in. fom the hilt..

Condition on acquisition: blade generally good, with a few small nicks on cutting edge. Wooden grip has three cracks which run around the circumference, one at the base, one mid-way and one at the top. These are all slight, hairline cracks. Area around pommel has some damage.

Featured in

Hundred Years War


BladeLength148 mm
OverallLength250 mm
OverallWeight94 g

Inscriptions and Marks

although the mark on the blade is indecipherable, it is possibly of similar size and shape to that on X.1743.
Left hand side, centre of the blade, just above the shoulder of the quillons