Object Title

Dagger - Ballock Dagger

Dagger - Ballock Dagger


Mid-15th century

Object Number



Purchased from D. Oliver, 10 March 2000 (and known by him as no. 8). From the Thames at Bull Wharf (date of find unknown).

Physical Description

Grip of circular section which flares out at the top, with iron tang button. 3 thin copper alloy plates fitted at the shoulder of the blade, which curve up not quite parallel with the blade. Copper alloy inlaid mark on blade.
Condition on acquisition. Generally good. Patina on blade, (which has been cleaned), and has nicks along the cutting edge. Grip has some damage (small pieces missing, small holes) around the base. A crack approx. half way up runs almost the whole way round.



BladeLength241 mm
OverallLength360 mm
OverallWeight202 g

Inscriptions and Marks

Small copper alloy mark
Left hand side, centre of the blade just above the shoulder of the quillons



The flared wooden grip of this dagger places it in the first half of the 15th century, after which the grips became straighter. However, the metal washer between grip the lobes and blade, with the arms protruding slightly along the blade, only appear after the mid 1400's. Thus the date of mid-15th century.