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Mail and plate gauntlet

Mail and plate gauntlet



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Presented 7 April 2000. From the arsenal of Bikaner, Rajasthan.

Physical Description

The cuff is formed of seven plates joined by rows of riveted mail and central rows of solid links. The inner and outer plates each have three fastening loops held by bifurcated rivets with external washers. The outer edges of these plates are also punched with holes, presumably for the attachment of a fabric lining. Around the wrist is a band of small plates with scalloped edges, with an additional fastening loop at either end. The defence for the hand is of mail, and extended at the end for five digits. The mail covering the back of the hand is of solid theta links joined by small riveted links, and that of the fingers of small riveted links. One of the edge plates has a broken-out hole at the edge. The mail of the hand is largely complete with a few missing links. Mail and plates are corroded and patinated, but stable.


Dimensions: length 355 mm, width 316 mm Weight: 435 g

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Places India