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Tower Arsenal. First registered 5 November 1999 following return from loan to RAOC officers mess, Bracht, West Germany (Loan L114), April 1996.

Physical Description

General Type Description: Iron knuckle-guard, spreading to form a slotted guard around the blade, and with two loop-guards to the outside of the hand. Spirally grooved, wooden grip, sometimes covered with fish-skin, or with leather and bound with coarse wire twist; iron ferrule at the end towards the blade. Oval or egg-shaped pommel on a stand. Straight, single-edged blade, tapering to a double-edged spear-point, with a broad, central fuller, and a narrow fuller towards the back.

Variations, losses, damage etc: fishskin-covered grip; complete but lacks wire binding and has been painted with black gloss. Knuckle-guard and ferrule at base of grip a little loose. Vice marks at base of blade.


Dimensions: Overall length: 1094 mm (43 1/8 in), blade length: 915 mm (36 in), blade width, by hilt: 33 mm (1 1/4 in) Weight: 960 gm (2 lb 3 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

On blade, on outside, near hilt, stamped: crown over a number, possibly 4.On blade, on back, near hilt, stamped: WOOLLEY.


Places Britain


For information on this 'pattern' generally (designated for internal purposes Royal Armouries Cavalry Type U) and for information on other examples in the Royal Armouries and elsewhere, see Notes in entry for IX.1848.