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Tower Arsenal. First registered 5 November 1999 following return from loan to the National Army Museum, (Loan L200; NAM no. 7205-7-6), September 1996.

Physical Description

Mameluke-type hilt. Cast brass hilt consisting of lion's head pommel with combined backpiece, bone grip decorated with cross hatching between a quadrant of radiating lines and a chevron border and with a reeded ferrule towards the blade, straight quillons with oval foliate terminals (the forward one pierced), and a crown in relief on each side of the ecusson which extends to form two langets. A chain which connected the forward quillon and a ring in the lion's jaws is now missing.

Curved, single-edged blade with a broad fuller at the back on each face extending from the vestigial ricasso for about two thirds of the total blade length.

Condition: at November 1999: backpiece bent; grip chipped on inside near pommel; cross loose; inner langet bent out, outer langet broken off but break filed smooth; chain missing (see Description); some nicks to forward edge of blade, in half nearer tip.


Dimensions: Overall length, end of lion's nose to blade tip: approx. 818 mm (32 1/8 in.), Blade length, back, at hilt, to tip: 667 mm (26 1/4 in.), Blade width, by hilt: 26 mm (1 in.) Weight: 545 g (1 lb 4 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

On hilt, on rear quillon, on side towards blade, stamped: 3. _


Places Britain


For this 'pattern' of sword generally and for other examples in the Royal Armouries and elsewhere, see Notes in entry for IX.386.