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Lance head

Lance head



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Purchased at auction from Christies, South Kensington. Sale date: 12 July 2000 (invoive paid 25 July 2000). Purchased as part of a joint lot with XXVIF.232 and XXVIC.76.

Physical Description

Leaf-shaped head which narrows hardly at all towards the wide socket. The socket appears to be of about 2 in. in length, although this is hard to determine as there is material inside it (see x-ray analysis for further detail showing tha the socket does extend further). Above this the head is of diamond section. Two holes at the base for attachment to a haft.

Featured in

Hundred Years War


Dimensions: Length: 150 mm, Width at base: 30 mm approx. Weight: 165 g (6 oz)


Places Europe


cf. VII.2979, which is of similar form although socket extends through length of blade & whole object much smaller. see also enquiry files for September 2000; enquiry from Ms. Mould regarding objects excavated from Gragon Hall, Norwich. Broadly similar spearhead [?} found in a 12th-13th Century context, although smaller and broader, and with socket extending full length.

See Analysis record on inventory file (Scientific Officer's job code AM 1641) for information and photos of X-Radiographs done 1/11/00.