Object Title

Probably a Pommel

Probably a Pommel



Object Number



Found in (Leeds) Store 3 C.17 A, October 1999 bearing the number IX.735 (see Notes).

Physical Description

Copper alloy object, possibly a pommel. Each half is shaped like a pointed arch, closed at the base by a pair of concave lines meeting at a sharp angle. A pair of splayed 'feet' spring from the centre of the base on one side and originally another similar pair of feet (now lost) presumably sprang from the centre of the other side. The greater part of each face is inlaid with a plaque of white metal (silver) engraved on one side with a crucifix and on the other side with the virgin and child. Both panels have what appears to be the remains of a greeny-black substance on the background, possibly enamel. The surrounding copper alloy 'border' is bevelled with cast, feathered decoration and with bosses at the angles. Between the two halves of the object and integral with them is a recessed core which has chevron decoration on its edge. In the centre of the base of the core is what appears to be the stump of an iron pin.


Dimensions: Height: 52.6 mm (2.07 in.), Max width: 35.3 mm (1.38 in.), Thickness: 16.4 mm (0.65 in.) Weight: 75 g (0 lb 3 oz)



Although when found in October 1999 this 'pommel' bore the number IX.735 (q.v. under Notes), the inventory description of the latter number did not match whereas the description did match another pommel which lacked a number.
The previous location history for this object is contained in the record for IX.735.
The date of this object and its identification as a pommel are far from certain. A small typescript card label was attached to the object when found which read 'Presented by Mr Cripps-Day Nov. 1942', but this, like the inventory disc, could have come from the true IX.735 (which did come from Cripps-Day) (PJL).