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Purchased on 19/10/1999. Formerly in the collection of the Mononofu-no-Sato Museum, Hakone.

Physical Description

The bowl of the helmet is formed from a single piece of moulded rawhide, vertical at the rim then stepping inwards to form the rounded bowl that terminates in a large hole at the crown, surrounded with a vertical rim. At the back, this rim extends upwards into a flap, which arches over the hole in the helmet and is pierced with two pairs of holes.

Attached to the brim of the bowl is a peak made of 10 concave scales externally laced together with thongs. The neckguard is of four rows of scales laced externally with thongs. The upper row includes 16 scales, the second row includes 18 scales, the third row includes 20 scales, and the bottom row includes 24 concave scales. Hanging on either side of the neckguard, and extending beyond its forward edge, are plate flaps to lend extra protection around the ears and cheeks. The rear and lower edges of these flaps are shaped with curves around a central cusp, and the central body of each flap is embossed outwards, developing into a spiral at the base.

The entire surface of the hide has been coated in a dark lacquer, with circular designs on the bowl and flaps in red and ochre yellow. The scales on the bottom row of scales on the neckguard have been given red borders.



Helmet bowlDepth200 mm
Helmet bowlWidth190 mm
OverallHeight410 mm
OverallWeight1.205 kg
NeckguardWidth320 mm

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A similar helmet is in the Field Museum in Chicago.