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Pair of arm defences ( kote )

Pair of arm defences ( kote )

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Acquired from the Rowntree collection, August 1964.

Physical Description

The armoured sleeves (kote) take the form of russet iron Bishamon gote (arm defences with small integral shoulder guards (sode) built in to cover the upper arm), and are of fine quality. The upper section consists of eight plates, each hinged in two places, sugake laced (wide spaced pairs of braids) in dark blue. Over the fore-arm are five long splint plates joined by cross-knots. The joining section over the elbow is covered in a lattice pattern of Japanese-style mail. The sleeves are sewn onto heavy bright green brocade decorated with ho-o birds. The cords and braids are all variegated.

The sleeves are signed on the inside of the kanmuri ita (cap plate) in a gilded panel in the black lacquer, 'Myochin Ki Munenori'


OverallLength685 mm
OverallWeight0.85 kg
OverallWidth200 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Both sleeves are inscribed 'Myochin Ki Munenori' in black lacquer on a gilded panel on the inside of the cap plate


Places Japan/Asia