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This is a red lacquered hineno zunari bachi having the frontal plate gold lacquered. At the front is a double pronged tsunamono fastened to the bowl by chrysanthemum shaped plates. At the back is a single pronged tsunamono for an ushirodate. Fitted to the bowl is a five plate gessan shikoro having the upper two lames solid and the lower lames divided into three parts. There are rudimentary fukigayeshi but they bear no mon. The shikoro is laced in two rows of white kebiki lacing, one row of green and one row of purple. Along the lower edge is a single row of unami toji in varigated braid that connects the sections of the shikoro together. There is a helmet cord of cotton or fine hemp dyed with bands of dark blue and a faded brown.


Dimensions: Mounted height without helmet: 850mm. Helmet height: 400mm; width: 300mm


Places Japan