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Throwing Arrow (Uchine)

Throwing Arrow (Uchine)



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Purchased 25 July 2001

Physical Description

The shaft is of bamboo with the skin scraped off and lacquered gold at the top. At the head is a bulbous stop of red lacquered cord and a band of black lacquer. There is a notional nock of staghorn, below which is a binding of red lacquered rattan. There are four fletchings, two very large ones of uncut raptor feathers, and two of pheasant tail feathers. These are fastened by red lacquered bindings at each end. The head is a wide leaf shape with a medial ridge on one face and a wide oval groove on the other, terminating in a concave neck. The habaki is covered in silver foil. The scabbard is of plain wood slightly waisted.


Dimensions: The overall length is 550 mm, the length of the head is 132 mm and the length of the fletchings is 173 mm. Weight: The weight of the weapon is 0.254 kg.

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Places Japan