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Arms trophy

Arms trophy



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(from the Typed Inventory - amendments/comments by PJL in square brackets) This consists of portions of five spontoon headcs mounted on a polished semi-curcular [the photograph of XVIII.198 shows it to have been segmental - PJL] wooden block. On either [each] side of the central head are two [screw-threaded] leaf-shaped blades. The central head consists of a leaf-shaped blade with straight sides and a pronounced medial ridge [not that pronounced - PJL]. This blade screws into a baluster moulding at the tip of th socket through which passes a round cross-bar with conical finials. The socket is strengthened by two ring mouldings.


Dimensions: None given in the typed inventory. Weight: None given in the Typed Inventory.

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Places Britain

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Presumed old Tower collection, first accessioned when on loan to the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst (Loan L154), May 1985.


For the complex history and numbering of this object, see main entry for XVIII.198 (record no. 49856), under Notes.