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Arms Trophy

Arms Trophy



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(from the Typed Inventory - amendments/comments by PJL in square brackets) This consists of portions of five spontoon heads mounted on a polished semi-circular [the photograph shows it to have been segmental - PJL] wooden block. On either [each] side of the central head are two [screw-threaded] leaf-shaped blades. The central head consists of a leaf-shaped blade with straight sides and a pronounced medial ridge [not that pronounced - PJL]. This blade screws into a baluster moulding at the tip of the socket through which passes a round cross-bar with conical finials. The socket is strengthened by two ring mouldings.


Dimensions: None given in the Typed Inventory. Weight: None given in the Typed Inventory.

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Presumed old Tower collection, first accessioned when on loan to the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst (Loan L154), May 1985.


Photograph (at September 2002 not yet in Photo Libarary or on STAR): A3/2775 (32). Before the STAR records were amended this neg. no. was entered in all the Notes fields of all the STAR records for the individual blades (see below), both for XVIII.198 and XVIII.199, but the photo shows only XVIII.198 (distinguishable from XVIII.199 by a marking on the socket of the central blade).
This trophy and the similar trophy XVIII.199 each originally consisted of five spontoon blades, the central one only with socket and cross-bar, arranged in a segmental wooden stand (see photo A3/2775 (32). The two trophies were first accessioned and catalogued while on loan to the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, in 1985, according to the date in the Typed Inventory, though the register entry has the date 1986 ('190-199 - trophies from Sandhurst')). They were returned to the Tower in November 1991. I recall them both coming back to the Tower (though I was not responsible for class XVIII) and am fairly sure that the segmental wooden stands were not with them. As I recall the blades came back loose and only the central blade of each trophy bore the class XVIII accession number. The other eight blades were tagged by me with the loan location and number, and the return date (these tags remain on the blades). In January 1992 Fred Wilkinson created a single STAR entry for XVIII.198 (subsequently changed by me to XVIII.198 A). There appears to have been no STAR record created for XVIII.199 at that stage, unless the entry was mis-numbered. In February 1993 Angus Konstam created further STAR records for XVIII.198 B-E and XVIII.199 A-D (apparently no record was created for XVIII.199 E). All the records (including that created by Fred Wilkinson) had (before changes made in September 2002) the Provenance 'Returned from Loan L 154 (Camberley). Remainder of trophy spontoon heads were un-numbered', and in the Notes field: 'Remainder of trophy numbered XVIII.198 A-E [or XVIII.199 A-E]. No record was made of which remaining spontoon heads belonged to which trophy. These were divided arbitrarily to fit the numbers shown in the photographic record of the original trophy'. These statements contain several problems and inconsistencies but it appears that there was an intention to number all the blades with XVIII.198 or 199 with suffixes and an attempt was made to create STAR entries for them. However, except for the blades originally in the centre of each trophy (which were tagged with the numbers XVIII.198 and XVIII.199), apparently none of the other blades were physically given class XVIII numbers. In January 1994 the other eight blades were numbered VII.4092-4099 and entries created on STAR with the Note 'Found in Loan Store. Labelled as being returned from loan L154 (Sandhurst) 29/11/1991, where it may have formed part of a trophy'. It was decided it would be best to let the class VII numbers stand and to mark the relevant entries under the class XVIII numbers as Transferred. To complete the record a general entry was created for each of the trophies (LOC to read 'see under suffixes') and the missing entry for XVIII.199 E was also created. It was decided to number the blades in the original trophies left to right, making C the centre one which will be the only suffix entry to have a location; all the others are marked as Transferred to one of VII.4092-4099: some reocrd suffix numbers were changed to effect this. All the existing information in the Notes fields was amended or deleted as appropriated with a cross reference to the above summary. (PJL, 12/09/02).