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Commissioned by the Royal Armouries and purchased via the Contemporary Art Society, 22 July 1999.

Physical Description

With leather-covered anatomical models of pelvises and the skulls of infants used to instruct medical students on childbirth. These are displyed in their own case. In another case is a display of guns, clean and labelled; all obtained by the Royal Armouries following the post-Dunblane gun amnesty. There is also a photograph of the artist, shooting while pregnant and a sountrack of a foetal heartbeat, which is interrupted by bursts of gun fire (a recording of the guns which are shown as part of the display).

Bibliographic References

'Warning Shots!'Contemporary art exploring themes of conflict and violence', Leeds, Royal Armouries 2000 pp. 14-17, 20-21.


These records are incomplete. Many items, including soundtrack, are in the small locked storeroom off store 3. The firearms are in Store 2