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Transferred from the Rotunda Museum of Artillery at Woolwich, England, in 1927. From Rhodes, via Lefroy, in 1867.

Physical Description

Composed of three plates, a mainplate at the chin, a detachable lame above and one gorget lame below.

The mainplate is rounded, with a full chin and an embossed medial ridge. The upper edge has a strong, angular, outward turn, bordered by eight holes for lining rivets, two of which are corroded through to the edge. At the lower edge is a narrow flange, bordered by ten flat-headed lining rivets. To the right of the ridge, below the upper lining rivets, is a hole for locating the spring-catch of the upper lame, now filled with a modern domed rivet and washer. The remains of the sheet steel spring are riveted on the inside to the right of the hole. The rear edge is bordered by large flat-headed lining-rivets. Inside these at either side, just above the flange, is a turning-pin for the attachment of the upper lame.

The upper lame is deep, with a full-length medial ridge and convex section. The upper edge is almost horizontal, curving up slightly at either side, and has a rough inward turn. At either side of the medial keel, just below the upper edge, is cut a single long sight with a slight flange below. The lower edge curves down well on the chin.

The gorget plate is narrow and curved, with a low medial ridge. It is articulated to the flange of the main plate by a dome-headed rivet at either side. It is decorated with a double incised line at the lower edge, on a punch-stippled ground to the edge, and an incised key-fret inside. The whole lame is decorated with gold leaf on a cross-hatched ground. There are traces of incised decoration at the left of the main plate too, beside the turning-pin.


Dimensions: Upper lame: height 130 mm, width 175 mm, depth 125 mm. Lower part: height 122 mm, width 162 mm, depth 100 mm Weight: 795 g

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped at the left of the upper plate is the Rotunda number, MA 2292.


Bibliographic References

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Compare the bevors from Rhodes at the Museum of the Order of St. John, SJGM inventory numbers 2638, 2641 and 2642. It is interesting to note that the Grand Masters d'Aubusson and de l'Isle Adam are both said to have worn gilded harness (Seward 1972: 242, 249).