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3 pr round shot and sabot

3 pr round shot and sabot



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Part of a group of Percy Tenantry Volunteer Reserve items purchased on 18th October 1983. From Alnwick Castle, Northumberland.

Physical Description

For a 3pdr gun, this round shot is roughly cast, the moulding flash being clearly visible. It is atached to its small wooden sabot by two crossed thin sheet iron bands approximately 0.2in across. The tips of these bands are soldered to a collar of similar metal which is retained in a shallow groove cut around the sabot.
This round is in poor condition; the collar is parted in two places by corrosion, and the sabot is heavily worm-eaten and affected by dry rot. The skirt of the sabot, beneath the groove designed to enable an obturating piece of cloth or leather to be tied in place, is largely lost


Dimensions: Dimensions, Overall length: 3.75 in, Diameter of sabot: 2.60 in, Diameter of shot: 2.75 in Weight: 2lb 14oz


2.75 in


Places Britain


For two detached sabots for 3pdr shot see XX.130 and 131.
For larger shot with similar sabots see XX.128 and 129.
The archives of the PTV corps in Alnwick Castle show that the artillery shot was issued to the PTV artillery by the Board of Ordnance; sabots or 'shot bottoms' as they were called, were bought from local craftsmen and strapped to the shot by local tinmen (see xx.126).
The PTV artillery was raised in 1805, as a 'flying' support for the PTV cavalry. It consisted of 23pdr bronze field pieces and 25 men and officers. The artillery was disbanded with the rest of the corps in 1814.