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Model gun barrel

Model gun barrel



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Presented 27 September 1998.

Physical Description

A small bronze lantaka. This is a small model of the south-east asian gun. The barrel is of slender form divided into the first reinforce and a plain chase. The reinforce has a diamond shaped decoration in relief on the surface. In the centre of this decoration is a raised circular projection. The chase has two astragals flanked by rounded fillets. The muzzle flares to a semi-circular section with a flat plate. The muzzle face is completely flat.The muzzle has a leaf shaped sight projecting upwards from it when the barrel is in the upright position. At the breech end the touchole has two lugs that probably held a vent cover. The cascable is a socket shaped projection that was intended to take a tiller


Dimensions: Overall length 28cm.


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Places Malaysia