Object Title

Right cuisse and poleyn

Right cuisse and poleyn



Object Number

II.40 O


Probably transferred from the Palace at Greenwich about 1649

Physical Description

The cuisse is formed of eight lames overlapping upwards, articulated by a modern black leather on pairs of rivets art the centre, sliding rivets (all modern) at the outside and riveted solidly, entirely with modern rivets, at the inside, with additional restraining leathers at either edge. The poleyn has a main plate with a wing at the outside, and two articulating lames below. The lower of these has a flat main edge, with a keyhole slot at the outside and a large hole for a stud at the inside. All the elements are joined by original brass capped iron rivets with washers except for the outside rivet on the lower lame, which has a more modern but still old brass rivet and washer. The main edges have roped inward turns, symmetrical with central chevrons, and recessed borders, forming a heart-shaped centre on the wing. The subsidiary edges are bordered by double incised lines, quite rubbed across the centre. At the centre top is a modern buff leather tab for pointing the cuisse, and at either side at the top and on the poleyn main plate are modern buff leather straps and buckles with modern brass figure-8 buckles. The exterior is bright and slightly patinated. The fifth lame has some damage to its edges in the recessed borders at either side.


Dimensions: length: 395 mm; width: 182 mm; depth: 175mm Weight: 1155 g

Inscriptions and Marks

No marks.