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Transferred from the Rotunda Museum of Artillery at Woolwich, England, in 1927. From Rhodes, via Lefroy, in 1867.

Physical Description

Of one-piece construction with a single sight. It is broad, widening to the lower edge, and shallow, with a high, bulging brow drawn up into a high, bilobed, truncated cusp. The low, medial keel runs full length. The single sight has an angular embossed step below, projecting strongly forwards and slightly upwards. The lower edge has an angular plain outward turn. The sides are deeply concave and drawn back to the pivots, with squarish terminals, that on the right lost, and pierced with a small hole for the pivot on the left.

The subordinate edges are dentated with small, v-shaped nicks. At the lower right corner, there is a pierced hole for the visor catch.


Dimensions: Height 213 mm, width 195 mm, depth 128 mm Weight: 681 g

Inscriptions and Marks

At the lower right is stamped the Rotunda number, MA 2285, surmounted by a cannon.


Bibliographic References

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Compare the Royal Armouries visors iv.435, 427 and 428 also from Rhodes, and the visor on the composite and restored sallet in the Higgins Armory Museum, no. 2608 formerly in the collections of Richard Zschille and Clarence H Mackay, Long Island (Forrer 1894: 6, nos 137-a, pl. 37-8).