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Found un-numbered in Brick Tower store (rack 11G), 1982/1983. First accessioned by Valuation team, 1987. Probably Tower arsenal.

Physical Description

All-brass hilt, lion's head pommel, crown on ecusson. Hilt of brass, cast in one piece, consiting of: a 'pommel' in the form of a lion's head, with a small ring projecting between the jaws (for possible functions, see entry for IX.1492, under Notes); an oval-sectioned grip divided into four wide horizontal ribs (not counting the base of the 'pommel'); cross-guard with langets and fairly short quillons, the terminals recurved in the plane of the blade and the arms decorated (on both sides) with with relief acanthus foliage and the ecusson (on both sides) with a relief British royal crown, flanked by two small, stylized roses and with a small pellet below.

Straight, double-edged, blade, almost parallel sided for the greater part of its length with a slight narrowing towards the mid-point, and finishing in a spear tip. A narrow central fuller on both faces rises approx. 70mm (2 3/4 in.) from the hilt and extends for approx. 180 mm (7 in.) and beyond this there is a slight central ridge.

Later alterations/damage: a hole has been drilled through the grip of the hilt (nearer the 'pommel') and countersunk for a screw head on the inside (this hole is no doubt for mounting in a trophy display); both langets have been bent inwards, towards the blade. in a trophy display.


Dimensions: Overall length: 698 mm (27 1/2 in.), Blade length: 558 mm (22 in.), Blade width, by hilt: 36 mm (29/32 in.) Weight: 930 g (2 lb 1/2 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

On the inside of the grip, on the rib nearest the blade, lightly engraved in Italic script: No 5.


Places Britain


For general information on this 'pattern' of band sword and for other examples of the same 'pattern' so far noted in the Royal Armouires' collections and elsewhere, see entry for IX.1492, under Notes.