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Long spear

Long spear


1603 - 1867

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Purchased from Kansai Japanese Furniture Showroom, 10 July 1998.

Physical Description

Very long tapering shaft of red oak, round in section, having the upper part ribbed and coated with black lacquer. The mounts are of copper covered with tarnished silver foil. A shaped upper mount, a centre mount with superimposed ring and a shaped lower mount with a small pivotted ring attached. At the end of the shaft is a foil covered collar and a pointed iron shoe pierced with a hole through which is a stout bamboo peg that protrudes either side to prevent the yari kuda from slipping off.
Small blade of sankaku yari shape with a short polished groove. The hamon is essentially suguha of ko nie deki with some sunagashi.
The scabbard is a polished black lacquered cylinder broadening at the base and tapering downwards. The broadened section gold lacquered. There is the remains of a copper peg near the base and a small copper eyelet for a fastening cord.
The yari kuda is of black lacquered iron, with a thickened end, grooved for a missing tasselled cord. The flange is pierced for a tying cord. The flange is decorated on both faces with two mon: the Sakai mon of a three petalled flower in a circle and another of two cloves (?) side by side in a circle.


Dimensions: Head length 151 mm, haft length 3534 mm, lacquered section 478 mm, yari kuda 93 mm Weight: 2200 g, yari kuda 200 g.

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Places Japan


The mon on the yari kuda is identified as belonging to the Sakai family.