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Gunners Calipers

Gunners Calipers



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Purchased by private treaty 21 july 1998

Physical Description

This large pair of calipers is of brass and has small iron tips to the arms. The arms are curved in the manner of calipers, but are graduated only for the measurement of the bores of guns.The scales can be read withe tips uppermost and on the extreme ends these are graduated in poundage, i.e. the weight of the projectile.Two scales appear on the arms. On one side these are measured in inches with three scales denoted L,S and M. Opposite the makers name a further scale in inches is inscribed.

Inscriptions and Marks

Adams, London.


Places Britain


These calipers were made by Adams the instrument maker and repairer referred to on the Board of Ordnance minute books in 1752. There are references to his construction of gunnery tools on January 12th 1752 'Mr.Adams to make two instruments for taking the centres of guns and mortars'