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Medal - National Association for King William

Medal - National Association for King William



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Purchased from A.H. Baldwin & Sons Ltd, 17 June 1998.

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Shows Saul throwing a javelin at David. INFECTVM SCELVS (Unaccomplished crime); LVDOVICI ET IACOBI REGVM IN MAGNAM BRITANNIAM CONIVRATIO (The conspiracy of the Kings, Louis and James, against Great Britain.) C.(Nicolas Chevalier.) On reverse, the cockade of the National Association formed in March 1696 to defend William III. Saul represents James II, and David represents William III; the image refers to the failed assassination plot against William III led by Sir George Barclay and Robert Charnock.


Dimensions: diameter 26mm


Places Britain

Bibliographic References

Medallic Illustrations, vol.2 page 154, no.418


For a gun captured from the conspirators, see XII.270. For other medals celebrating the failure of the plot, see XVIII.827 and XVIII.858.