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Stereoscopic Range Finder

Stereoscopic Range Finder



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Purchased at the IPMS rally, Beltring, Kent on 20 July 1998. Originally belonged to the Geography Department at UCL London.

Physical Description

Manufactured by Barr & Stroud patent number 385421/1931. The fittings are of brass and the whole tube is covered in leather. The eye piece rest and the two protective end pieces appear to be of rubber and are slightly damaged.Two central handles are fixed either side of the eye piece. The whole unit has a large brass hexagonal nut below the eye pieces to allow the finder to be attached to its tripod. The tripod is of wood with three legs attached to a brass central pivot upon which the range finder would rest.There are three flanged feet at the opposite end of the tripod which would give it stability if inserted into the ground.

Inscriptions and Marks

'Barr and Stroud' no.13 MKIII type FT.37, Base 1m0 no.390


Places Britain