Object Title

Flintlock double-barrelled pistol

Flintlock double-barrelled pistol



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Purchased 18th June 1998.

Physical Description

A small double-barrelled tap-action pocket pistol, with turn-off barrels. The cock is mounted centrally in the frame, and has a sliding bar saftey behind it. This safety mechanism comprises a box-frame, with a projecting bar that locates into a small hole in the lower face of the frizzen, preventing it being pushed forward should the cock descend. The sides of the frame have small stands-of-arms engraved on each side, the left side of the frame has a swivelling catch that rotates the pan inside the lock. In the closed position the pan faces the breech, and the pistol cannot be fired. The small stock is fully chequered, and a silver escutcheon is inlet just behind the safety catch. The trigger is a folding type, and is flush with the lower frame. The barrels unscrew by means of small slots filed into their muzzles, around which each has V pattern engraving


OverallLength4 in


Serial Number None visible


.22 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Lower right barrel: D EGG LONDON. London proof marks


Places Britain