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1807-1808 and later

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IX.2799 B


Presented to Colonel Robert Burne (1755?-1825). He entered the army as ensign in the 36th Regiment in 1773 and remained with that regiment until 1811. In 1783 he went to India and commanded grenadiers against Tipoo Sultan 1784-86. In 1793 he was conspicuous at the seige of Pondicherry, and returned to England in 1799. He participated in the attack on Buenos Ayres on 5 July 1807 and so impressed his fellow officers that he was presented with a sword of honour and £120 guineas. In 1808 he accompanied Sir Arthur Wellesley to Portugal, and remained there after Wellesley returned to England, serving under Sir John Moore. In 1811 Burne went back to England and in 1812 he retired because of ill-health. On 21 July he was promoted to Lieutenant General, and he died in 1825.

Physical Description

The knot comprises a flatened, plaited knop of gold wire with a single red or crimson thread with a collar of the same matterials, suported on a red leather strap decorated with gold thread en-suite with the belt.



Currently attached to the sword

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