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Centrefire self-loading military rifle - Pedersen rifle

Centrefire self-loading military rifle - Pedersen rifle



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Purchased from Charnwood Ordnance, 28/04/1998

Physical Description

An advanced design using a toggle breech locking system similar to thqat of the Luger pistol.It is a hesitation blowback mechanism using leverage to prevent the toggle opening until chamber pressures had dropped. It comprises a square breech and receiver with a cocking handle on the right side.The handle must be pulled upward to cock the action, which has a hold open device.The magazine floorplate is linked to the hold-open and when depressed allows the action to shut. The barrel is spiral machined for the first half of its length , and has a steel cover to help cooling. The forward part of the barrel is not covered and has a Mauser type forend band. Sights are a spiral drum at the rear with windage drum, and a ramp and blade foresight. A bar safety is fitted forward of the cocking handle, and slides from left to right. The box magazine holds ten rounds and is in one piece with the triggerguard. The entire trigger/magazine assembly can be released from the rifle by means of a button at the rear of the triggerguard.There is provision for a Springfield pattern bayonet. The stock is one piece walnut, with ventilation holes unde the forend. A steel buttplate is fitted, and there are three sling swivels. All metalwork is heavily blued.


BarrelLength23.2 inhes
BarrelLength590 mm
OverallLength1120 mm


Serial Number 157


0.28 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Left receiver: Pedersen self-loader PA. . Vickers-Armstrong Ltd


Places America


Refer: Smith, The World's Assault and Semi-automatic rifles.p82 The .276in cartridge was specially developed for use with this rifle, but it required lubrication if the toggle system of the weapon was to work efficiently. As a result it was not adopted for military service. Britain also tested the .276 with the possible intention of using it to replace the .303 in cartridge.