Object Title

Dagger - Rondel Dagger

Dagger - Rondel Dagger



Object Number



Found at Queenhithe (East side). Previously part of Deposit A0271 (Smith no. 20).

Physical Description

Wooden hilt tapering towards the blade and pommel, bulging in the centre. There is considerable damage to the hilt, with a section towards the blade missing. Large upper or pommel rondel fitted with conical iron cap and held in place with 3 rivets. Lower rondel has a copper alloy washer adjacent to the blade. Stout lozenge-section blade with inlaid copper alloy mark resembling a simple a human with no arms, or an I beneath an O



OverallLength351 mm
OverallWeight240 g
BladeOverall211 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

A simple human stick figure with no arms, or an I beneath an O
Blade, towards the grip


Bibliographic References

Dorling Kindersley, Weapon. A visual history of arms & armour, Dorling Kindersley Ltd, London, 2006, p. 68-9 (col. illus., top on p. 69).


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