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Okegawa do

Okegawa do



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Purchased from Kansai, 17 February 1998.

Physical Description

Of black lacquered iron plates throughout. The body proper is a ni mai do built up from 4 plates in the nakagawa with two in the front tateage and three in the rear. The muneita wakiita and boko no ita are all rivetted solidly to the rest. On the front, in gold lacquer is a mon in the form of a curly bodied goose. Internally the whole do is lined with thin hemp fabric glued to the plates and lacquered black. On the watagami are kohire covered with white leather sewn with green silk thread but without cross-knots. Underneath, these are lined with an indigo dyed hemp cloth with a design of clouds and diapers.
Attached to the lower edge are six sections of gessan, each of five plates, all sugake laced with blue dyed hemp braid.


Dimensions: Height: 660mm; width: 360mm; depth: 300mm. Weight: The weight of the do is 4700g.

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Places Japan


This type of do is typical of those issued to common soldiers. They were generally worn with simple mail and plate kote that terminated at the wrist, shinguards and usually a conical iron or hide jingasa. The mon on this example is that used by the Otsuka family.