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Transferred from the Rotunda Museum of Artillery at Woolwich, England, in 1927. Originally from Rhodes, via Lefroy, in 1867. Formerly displayed at Dover Castle. Transferred at one stage to XXI.73.

Physical Description

Formed of one piece, with a rounded skull embossed with a low, flat medial keel which continues over the sight and tail. The base of the skull was encircled by a row of twelve lining rivets of which three are lost. The two at the front have roughly domed heads and hollow, circular, internal washers. The pair at the middle of either side are flush, with large flat internal heads, probably for the attachment of chin straps. The remainder are fitted with spirally fluted, hollow heads. The front is cut with a single sight with a slight flaring of the edge above. The lower edge has a plain outward turn. It rises to a point at the front, dips down at either side, and rises slightly to a point at the rear.


Dimensions: height 240 mm, width (internal) 190 mm, (external) 212 mm, depth (internal) 250 mm, (external) 395 mm Weight: 2.58 kg

Inscriptions and Marks

At the left rear is stamped the Rotunda number MA 2273. At either side, below the rear of the sight and near the edge, is struck a maker's mark comprising a star surmounted by a crown with trilobed fleurons; the mark is double-struck at the left.


Bibliographic References

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This sallet is of the same general type as IV.427. The closet piece is the one-piece sallet in the Chapel of the Order of the Swan, Gumbertuskirche, Ansbach, Germany, also with spiral rivet caps (Mann 1935: pl. xxi). A drawing by Laking of this sallet when at Dover appears in the ex libris Cripps-Day and Mann copy of his Record (1920 II.1: 56 ff, RA library). Another with what appears to be the same mark as that found on Royal Armouries IV.410 is in the City Art Museum of St. Louis, Missouri, USA, no. 58:39 (Hoopes 1954: 8, fig. 9).