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Apron body armour

Apron body armour



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Purchased from the Halo Trust, October 1997. Formerly AL.219

Physical Description

This is a rectangular defence for the front of the chest, sewn to which is a smaller rectangle at the waist for the groin. It is made in pale, greyish blue fabric containing fabric trauma pads. Both sections have velcro squares at the front, enabling the groin pad to be fastened in the up position. At the waist is a black webbing waist strap with velcro inside at the left, fastening to a black plastic double loop at the right. At the shoulders are sewn the ends of a Y-shaped set of straps, also of black webbing with velcro inside the lower end and at the junction, which fastens by passing the free end inside the belt then back up to join the velro sections. Each panel has a full-width opening, closed with velcro, for inserting ceramic trauma pads. At the front is applied a white fabric rectangle with THE HALO TRUST in blue. Inside is a plastic coated tab inscribed P11H, 205/11. There are two small tears where the groin pad joins the main section, and a brown stain extending from the left shoulder to the Halo panel.


Dimensions: height 720 mm, width 360 mm Weight: 1350 g


Places Britain


Though sold to the museum as the vest worn by Princess Diana in Angola in 1997, this does not exactly correspond to the one shown in photographs of the Princess. Possibly she wore more than one during her visit.