Object Title

Dagger - Quillon Dagger

Dagger - Quillon Dagger



Object Number



Purchased from Ian and Roger Smith, 24 November 1997. (Smith Colln. No. 2). Previously part of Deposit AO271. Found at Queenhithe.

Physical Description

With copper alloy Bird's head pommel and cross-guard. The quillions are a lateral s shaped profile, with a vertical knuckle guard which flares out into a crescent moon shape. The grip is missing. the blade is straight and divided into 5 sections of varying profile. The blade profile alternates between triangular towards the tang and then kite shaped, repeating this pattern along the length of the blade.


BladeLength283 mm
BladeWidth (max)25 mm
OverallLength460 mm
OverallWeight245 g
HiltThickness50 mm
QuillonsWidth across73 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

evidence of an inlay on one face of the blade, possibly of copper alloy or brass?face of blade