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Dagger - Baselard

Dagger - Baselard



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Found at Queenhithe in 1995. Purchased 21 May 1999

Physical Description

Y shaped wooden hilt, with one of the 'Y' arms broken off. The surviving 'Y' arm has a brass cap on the end, with an engraved floral pattern. The wooden quillons also terminate in a similar brass cap, with the same engraved, floral pattern. A brass band runs along the length of the hilt, over the pommel where it appears to act as a washer between the rivet and the tang, and back down the otherside of the hilt. It is decorated with a regular, repeating engraved pattern of straight lines arranged in an arc. Another, hexagonal brass washer sits between the quillons and the blade. The blade itself is straight and double edged, of a flat, off-centre, triangular cross section. One side of the blade is flat faced, whereas the other has the off-centre medial ridge. There is a short ricasso on one edge of the blade.



BladeLength275 mm
OverallLength403 mm
OverallWeight230 g

Inscriptions and Marks

a series of lines arranged in an arc or fan, repeating along the length of the brass hilt band
along the brass hilt band
floral pattern
the pommel cap and quillon caps



The wooden grip was examined by Dr Allan Hall, a consultant archaeobotanist, on 27 October 2000. His findings were as follows 'this handle consisted of knotwood; from the damaged end there were strongly thickened fibres consistent with, but not diagnostic of, a fruit wood like cherry or blackthorn'. See scientific analysis sheet on inventory file.