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Presented 28 August 1997. Found by the donor in the house of his grandfather (d. 1946) in Streatham, London The donor believes his grandfather may have been a special constable during the First World War (verbal information to Royal Armouries).

Physical Description

Varnished, dark brown wooden truncheon of circular section. The diameter increases away from the hand before narrowing shortly before the flatttened tip. Towards the opposite end, there are five broad, latitudinal grooves to provide a grip, then a narrow section before bulbous terminal with a moulded flat end, circumscribed with two incised lines. A dark brown, narrow leather wrist strap passes round the narrow section of the truncheon (see above) and is secured by stitching.
Condition on acquisition: very good with minor signs of wear and, spots of white paint near tip.


Dimensions: Overall length: 4015 mm (15.8 in), maximum diameter: 335 mm (1.3 in) Weight: 385 g (13 3/4 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Near tip, stamped: 'M' and 'P' (for Metropolitan Police) flanking a crown.


Previously deposit A0297