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Gunners Rule

Gunners Rule



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Physical Description

Made of two lengths of brass, possibly a smaller brass insert and two locating pegs. The legs are attached at one end of the rule, which when open locates the centre of the rule.Inserted into the leg marked 'Paris' is a thin brass plate which extends to become the centre of the hinge. The excess metal of this plate fits into a corresponding socket on the opposite leg. There are also two pegs on the inner surface of this leg which locate into sockets on the other leg. The outer surfaces of the leg marked 'Le Maire' are similar but the hinge end is formed into an extended projection, so that it forms the outer retaining sides of the hinge. This projection is in the form of a decorated three-quarter circle and extends across both legs.


Dimensions: 333.5mm overall length.

Inscriptions and Marks

'Le Maire' 'Paris'


Places France