Object Title

Left gauntlet

Left gauntlet



Object Number

II.83 S


Old Tower collection. Probably transferred from Greenwich, 1649.

Physical Description

The cuff has a pointed outer plate hinged to an inner plate fastened with a pierced stud and formerly a swivel hook, the small hole for which is adjacent. The main edges have a plain inward turns, and are bordered by original flush d lining rivets with fragments of lining band. Two full width inner cuff plates are riveted to this, and a further narrow plate for the inside of the thumb to them by a modern leather. There are four metacarpal lames riveted at either side with a modern leather at the centre, a knuckle plate with a plain embossed rib, a finger plate with scalloped edge below that. The thumb and finger scales are all modern replacements.


Dimensions: Length 330 mm, width 150 mm Weight: 790 g

Inscriptions and Marks

No marks.

Bibliographic References

J.G. Mann, Exhibition of Armour made in the Royal Workshops at Greenwich, H.M. Tower of London, 22 May-29 September, 1951.A.R. Dufty and W. Reid, European Armour in the Tower of London, 1968.


Valued with armour