Object Title

Right vambrace

Right vambrace



Object Number

II.83 P


Old Tower collection. Probably transferred from Greenwich, 1649.

Physical Description

The upper cannon has a turner with three plates above, articulated by sliding rivets at the rear, modern leathers at the front and centre. At the upper edge is a modern leather tab for points. It is joined to the couter by a single articulating lame. The couter has a detachable wing, fastened by a stud and swivel hook at front and rear. The lower cannon also has a single articulating lame, and is formed of two plates hinged at the outside and fastened with a swivel hook and pierced stud at the inside. The inner plate has an additional articulated plate at the cuff, and two more at the elbow join, above which the upper cannon has a single articulated lame. The main edges have plain inward turns with recessed borders, the subsidiary edges are plain. The lower edge of the turner is scalloped. All parts are decorated with recessed bands with three pairs of double incised lines, and transverse bands of recessed scallops, all retaining some or all of their original gilding.


Dimensions: Length 520 mm Weight: 2720 g

Inscriptions and Marks

No marks.

Bibliographic References

J.G. Mann, Exhibition of Armour made in the Royal Workshops at Greenwich, H.M. Tower of London, 22 May-29 September, 1951.A.R. Dufty and W. Reid, European Armour in the Tower of London, 1968.


Valued with armour