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Knife bayonet

Knife bayonet



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Physical Description

A short knife bayonet with unfullered, clip pointed ploshed blade and single edge. The crosspices is black and has a muzzle ring. The quillon is foreshortened and has a loop to act as a wire cutter. The grip is thick red plasctic with no visible securing screws. The pommel is rectangular and blackened, with a press stud protected by a collar, and oil hole.There is a single securing screw on the right side of the pommel. A T slot is machined into the pommel for securing to the rifle. The scabbard is of red plasctic, and is deeply fluted, the mouth having a steel liner. A thin steel suspension bar is moulded into one side.


Weight: Overall length: 10.75 inches [ 272 mm] Blade: 5.75 inches [147 mm]

Inscriptions and Marks

No visible marks.


Places Russia