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Wooden rail support

Wooden rail support



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Found supporting an old workbench in the 'Flamstead' Tower in 1996. A room in the top of the NE turret of the White Tower was used as the Armouries' workshop for many years, until vacated in August 1946 for basement rooms at No.12 the Casemates. (See old 'Repairs to Arms and Armour' ledger.) Photographs survive of T.V. Egli at work at the bench in the turret room.

Physical Description

Wooden upright support for barrier around objects on open display in the 'Council Chamber' (White Tower Second Floor West). Supports of this type appear in illustrations of the gallery, specifically postcard view of circa 1901, where they are shown surmounted by carved capitals. One of a group (see XVII.108,109,110,111). XVII.107 octagonal with rectangular section at the top.


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